Invoicing will never be the same again!

Low Price (and free trial!)
vO Invoice is one of the lowest cost invoicing solutions available on the web.  All new members receive a full 3-month free trial.  After the trial period is over you pay just $5/month (billed quarterly).  There is no limit to how many invoices you can create and send using this system.  Your data can be exported to Intuit QuickBooks or Microsoft Excel so there is no risk in trying us!

Maintain your company brand
vO Invoice lets you customize the look and feel of the actual invoice form.  You can enter your own terms, payment instructions, and even upload a company logo!

1-click to Fax or Email the Invoice
When you add a new client into the system you are asked to provide a fax # or email address.  Whenever you invoice that client, all it takes is one click to send a copy of the invoice to their fax* machine or to their email** as a PDF.

*New accounts are given 20 free pages for faxing, additional pages can be purchased as low as $0.10 per page
**The per email cost is free

Accept Electronic Payments
Your vO Invoice account can integrate with a compatible merchant account to allow for electronic and credit card payments.  Payments made electronically are automatically tracked against their respective invoices.  This means there is no need to spend valuable time figuring out which payments are pending.

Recurring Invoices
Recurring invoices are useful when you bill your client for the same items over a determined period of time.  They can also be used to help manage a payment plan.  vO Invoice will automatically email or fax the new invoice at the start of each billing cycle.

Accept Partial Payments
vO Invoice allows you the option of accepting partial payments for an invoice.  The system provides a detailed history of all payments and can ensure you have an accurate picture of your pending receivables.

Immediate Invoice Access for your Clients
Each delivered invoice comes with a special code #.  Your client can visit vOInvoice.com to download and print the latest copy of their invoice.  The client can also check to see their payment status.

Employee Access (Permission Based)
As the primary vO Invoice account holder, you can control who has access to your firm's invoicing.  Simply enter the email address of your employee and the permissions you want them to have and vO Invoice will send them a secure access link via email.

Employees can be assigned one or more of the following permissions:
- Read Only (Can only read invoice, payment and refund history)
- Create (Can create new invoices)
- Modify (Can modify the items and terms of an existing invoice)
- Publish (Can send this invoice to the client)
- Revoke (Can cancel or void an existing invoice)
- Mark Payment (Can indicate when a client pays an invoice)
- Mark Refund (Can indicate when a refund is issued for an invoice)